Monday, August 12, 2013

Eliza on Sunday

Eliza loves watching me get dressed up. Unfortunately for her, that only happens once a week. When Sunday finally rolls around, Eliza is as happy as she can be. She bounces around our house as she anxiously awaits for me to announce that it is time to start getting dressed. She immediately runs back to my bedroom closet and selects the dress or skirt that she wants me to wear. Eliza also picks out the shoes that she thinks will "look most wonderful!" with the outfit of her choice. Sometimes, it's hard to break the news that I can't wear black shoes with a mustard skirt. The girl certainly has ideas! Lastly, Eliza will sit on the bathroom counter and watch me put on my make-up. I love how it makes her day when I let her put on some chapstick (which she calls her lip gloss). She is such a girly-girl sometimes (well, all the time). 

Eliza's most favorite thing, though, is getting herself ready. She chooses her dress the night before and places it on her bed (this includes her tights, shoes, and accessories). She is that excited about getting dressed up! Because she has such strong opinions on clothing, it is very difficult to even suggest that she wear a certain outfit. If she feels pressured into wearing something, she will have a breakdown. Nathan and I are trying hard to be okay with her wearing some outrageous outfits, but overall, she does a pretty fantastic job. 

When my mom was in town, she and I picked out a couple of new dresses for Eliza. I was worried that Eliza would have nothing to do with the clothing because she didn't pick it out herself, but when she saw the turquoise dress with polka dots, she was in love! She allowed me to add a little sash to the dress (which was a small miracle) and then ran to get hers pair of pearls. Finally, she asked me to give her a "ballet bun" and add her bow to her hair. I could tell she had a definite look in mind. When she looked in the mirror, she said, "Yes!" I love how expressive this little girl is! She was certainly pleased with herself.

I love my clever, and fashion conscientious, little girl. I am going to have to be on my toes to keep her impressed! 
(As a sidenote, she constantly tells Nathan and me that she can't wait to grow up so she can "share Mommy's clothes." I guess it's REALLY important to her).

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  1. I love all the posts about your kids, but especially ones about Eliza. I want a little girl like her. She is SO cute, and awesome-- and has superb taste. (Like her mom :) )


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