Thursday, June 6, 2013

Art City Days Fun

I fall more and more in love with Springville each month. From the splash pads to the great parks, Nathan and I feel at home in this nice little city. This week, we discovered a couple of more things to love about Springville. Every summer, the city hosts Art City Days.
Over the course of a week, there are a number of fun activities for families: concerts, art shows, hot air balloon launches, a parade, and even a carnival. However, the most exciting even of the week for our family was Fun-A-Rama. 

The name may need some work, but Fun-A-Rama is a carnival complete with face painting, bounce castles, great food, a magic show, and rides designed especially for small children. The best part about the whole deal was that admission to the child's carnival was only $5.00! The snacks were extra, but were very inexpensive. Cotton candy and snow cones were only $1.00! So basically, we were in heaven.

Becca and I loaded up Ruby and Eliza and headed over as soon as the carnival opened. We were not disappointed and neither were our girls. We went straight to a ride (there were no lines when we got there), and they seemed to have fun on the Berry Go Round and jumping in the bounce house

The girls then had their hair spray painted pink (of course) and had temporary tattoos put on their face. Picking out the stickers was pretty exciting.

They rode a few more rides, like the swings and train, and then we went to watch the magic show.

We ended the afternoon with some cotton candy and a snow cone.
We had a great time, and it was definitely worth the 5 dollars!


  1. How fun! Riverton had an Art Festival too. I'm looking forward to Anna being old enough to enjoy those kind of things. Mostly, because I just want to go, but let's get real. I need a kid to take. Haha.


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