Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Merida Swimsuit

A couple of weeks ago, Eliza and I had the following conversation:

Eliza: "I want to wear my Merida swimsuit to the splash pad."
Me: "But you don't have a Merida swimsuit."
Eliza: "You should fix that."

She obviously knows what she wants. Fortunately for her, I found Merida swimsuits on clearance during a Memorial Day sale. For the past two weeks, Eliza has been earning quarters in order to "buy" her Merida swimsuit. When we finally told her she had completed enough responsibilities to earn the beloved swimwear, her eyes got huge, and I could tell she was near ecstatic. Merida is a big deal in this house!

She had extra fun at the splash pad wearing it around yesterday. She is the cutest. We had taken pictures of her in her ballet outfit earlier that day, so she requested that we also take a picture of her in her "Merida costume." She is one happy girl. She is also proud that she earned the swimsuit herself! 
(She wanted a photo with and without her glasses)


  1. You have a new blog banner! I love it ! You take great pictures. And your kids are the cutest! I love that Eliza is doing the same exact pose in the glasses and glasses-less pics. And it's adorable.

  2. This girl is too funny. "You should fix that." Like it's your problem she doesn't have a Merida swimsuit. Let's be honest. It kind of does become your problem. Haha. I'm glad she was able to earn it. It's so cute!


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