Saturday, March 23, 2013

Eliza: The Future Comedian

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you have probably read a number of Eliza's quotable quotes. Nathan wants me to make sure they are all written down on the blog, though, so she can read them 10 years from now and realize just how funny (and clever) she was at age 3.

Here are some of the highlights:

Eliza to her friend, Ruby: "Do you want to have fun? Just pretend you're me. I am so much fun."

(After watching Mary Poppins)
Eliza: "I can't clean, Mom. I'm too shy."
Cecilia: "Why does that mean you can't clean?"
Eliza: "I don't want my toys to see me."

Eliza: "Are you really tired or something?"
Me: "Kind of. Why?"
Eliza: "Because you look like you got hit by a ton of bricks."

Me: "Eliza, did you brush your teeth before getting into bed?"
Eliza: "No...and you can stop judging me!"

After dinner, I gave Eliza and me each an Oreo. 
Eliza: "Can I have half of your Oreo, Mom?"
Me: "Well, we each get one."
Eliza (walks over and breaks my Oreo in half and begins to eat it): "You need to learn how to share, Mom! This is how you make friends."

Eliza to a random stranger at Walmart who came over to touch the babies: "My mom doesn't like it when you touch our babies. Didn't you read our sign!?"

Eliza: "Mom-- I just love you. I really love you."
Me: "Aww...thanks, Eliza! You are so sweet."
Eliza: "Some days I don't love you, but today, I REALLY love you."

Eliza: "Mommy Eden Robbins!! Are you listening to me!?"
(Yes, her middle name is Eden.)

Eliza (whispers): "I see that my daddy is gone. Would you like to lay down by me? It would be our secret."

Eliza: "Mom, you need a stepsister so you don't have to mop the floors anymore."

Eliza: "Mama is so dang-ing hot, dang-ing hot!"
Me, obviously surprised: "Where did you hear that!?"
Eliza: "Daddy."

Eliza (after she'd been crying): "Can you help my eyeballs? My eyeballs are dripping."

Eliza: "My body is telling me I am very sleepy. Your body is telling you that you are sleepy too and that you want to lay down by me and give me a little bit of chocolate milk. Got it?"

I hope those made you smile :) She really is an amazing little girl!


  1. This has been cracking me up all day. I have been waiting to comment until I could pick a favorite, but I can't. They're just too good.

  2. Haha. I've seen them on Facebook, but it still makes me laugh. So awesome!

  3. Haha, I love them! I hadn't seen all of them, so it's nice to get them all at once! Seriously, that girl. Hilarious.


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